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DMP welcomes findings of Auditor General report
A follow-up audit by the Auditor General has found improved processes for ensuring compliance with conditions on mining.....Read full article

DMP welcomes findings of Auditor General report
Auditor General report finds DMP’s environmental reforms have improved the monitoring of compliance

How low is ALARP?
Forum to focus on the concept of “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP)

Special edition environment eNewsletter out now
Special edition of environment newsletter focusses on Mining Rehabilitation Fund

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Natural Gas from Shale and Tight Rocks

Shale and Tight Gas in Western Australia

WA's regulations for petroleum activities ensure the safe and responsible development of natural gas from shale and tight rocks.

Uranium in Western Australia

Uranium in Western Australia

Uranium mining in Western Australia will bring economic and sustainable benefits to the State. It will also become the State's most regulated mineral sector.

Resources Safety Performance Reporting

Resources Safety Performance Reporting

DMP is committed to promoting best practice in safety and health regulation of the resources sector.

Environment Reforms

Environmental Reforms

The Reforming Environmental Regulation (RER) program will deliver greater certainty, confidence and clarity surrounding DMP's environmental regulatory system.

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