The role of a graduate

What skills are we looking for?

What Skills?

The departments seek graduates with a wide range of professional and technical qualifications, and are particularly interested in employing recent university graduates who:

  • have the proven ability to research, analyse and interpret information and report on findings.
  • work collaboratively in a team and with stakeholders and; treat people with respect and courtesy.
  • are able to write a range of documents and able to communicate clearly and effectively to various audiences.
  • show willingness to learn and develop expertise.  Achieve set goals and tasks within competing deadlines.
  • act with integrity and behave in an honest, professional and ethical way.

What work will you do?

Graduates will work towards achieving a range of objectives during rotational placements through different areas. Roles may vary to some extent with each placement but are all contained in the general role statements below:

  • Carries out designated research, policy and project activities to support business objectives, both individually and as part of a team.
  • Drafts correspondence including reports, briefing papers, internal memos, ministerials and answers to Parliamentary Questions.
  • Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to provide and receive information as required.
  • Builds on relevant tertiary education with corporate knowledge, and applies professional expertise to support and enhance business activities.
  • Develops a sound understanding, knowledge and experience of the operations of the Department.
  • Actively participates in on-the-job learning including training activities provided through the graduate learning and development program.
  • Contributes and adopts digital practices in alignment with departmental approaches.

Our expectations of you

Develop a sound understanding of functions

You will be provided with the opportunity to develop your skills through a variety of placements that will also contribute to the department operational business plan. This will provide the foundation for ongoing work opportunities and career development within your home department.

Work within government and departmental policies

It is expected that your work will be carried out in accordance with the relevant Government and department policies. This includes the Public Sector Code of Ethics, and the department’s code of conduct and values.

Show a willingness to learn and develop expertise

You are encouraged to apply your recently learned academic knowledge and technical skills to the department workplace. However the graduate program is an 18 month learning opportunity. Graduates are expected to demonstrate a willingness to learn and develop expertise to achieve goals and tasks set.

Work collaboratively with others and uphold organisational values

Graduates are expected to demonstrate their department’s value when working with others, by:

  • treating everyone with respect
  • building internal and external relationships by demonstrating strong interpersonal skills
  • communicating clearly and effectively using language appropriate to the audience
  • working collaboratively with fellow employees to achieve results.

Role of a Graduate
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