Entry Guidelines

What are we looking for?

The Community Partnership Resources Sector Award is looking for operators that are demonstrating leading practice behaviour towards gaining community support for projects. This could be through innovative new technology and practices or setting a new benchmark for the rest of industry to meet. Award recipients are those who voluntarily go that extra step and lead our industry into better practices.

This document is designed to help you write the best entry for your application in the Community Partnership Award. Please ensure you follow the requirements in your application.

Key Dates

8 February 2017 Entries open.
Monday 10 April 2017 Entries close.
April 2017 Applications reviewed to determine eligibility.
June 2017 Entrants informed whether their submission has been accepted for further assessment.
May – August 2017 Assessment Panel undertakes an assessment of submissions through an inspection process.
September 2017 Assessment Panel provides a report to the Selection Committee, which will select the award recipients.
October 2017

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Awards for Excellence Night held in Perth.



Conditions of entry

The following conditions of entry apply to all nominations:

  • Nominations closed on 10 April 2017.
  • Award nominees may be invited to an interview/presentation with the Assessment Panel should they be shortlisted.
  • Nominees will only be judged on content that falls within the page count restrictions.
  • Nominees may be asked to provide further documentation or evidence to support their nomination.
  • Nominees acknowledge that the Department of Mines and Petroleum may use non-confidential details and/or photographs for publicity purposes pertaining to the Awards.
  • Any photographs provided must have the consent of all parties identified within each photograph.
  • Nominees acknowledge that DMP may distribute media releases regarding the outcomes of the Awards.
  • Nominees acknowledge that the Assessment Panel and award judges will have access to their submission during the selection process.


Entry is completed online at the Community Partnership Award webpage. You are encouraged to contact the Awards Coordinator before you enter for more details on how to best frame your entry. The entry includes two components – registration of details and a maximum 10-page submission.


On the website will be a link to an electronic form where you will need to enter details about the entrant, such as contact details, location of the project, summary of entry, etc.

10-page submission

You have up to ten pages to succinctly describe your project and how it measures up to the criteria. The submission needs to address each of the criteria and include photos, graphs, tables, testimonials, etc., that best demonstrate the main initiatives and results of your project. If your entry is short-listed, you may have the opportunity to provide more information at a site visit or presentation.

The following provides details on how you may want to structure your submission. Remember:

  1. Keep your entry succinct. You don’t need to use all ten pages.
  2. Keep to the context. Your submission is trying to highlight the facts of your projects and the benefits of it.
  3. Use dot points if you wish. You can get information across easily in dot points and tables.

Suggested Format:


It is best to provide an introduction to the project by providing a brief background of the project and the company. This provides context for the Assessment Panel and Selection Committee whose members may not all be from the resources development industry. Details can include what the operation/project is addressing, its location, the size, the number of people involved, the history to the project and its relevance to Western Australia.


When answering the criteria, it may help to use the STAR method to write your response.



  • What was the partnership challenge?
  • What was the reason for the project?


  • What tasks were involved?
  • What was achieved?


  • What activities did your team do?


  • What happened as a result?
  • Was your work approved, supported, accepted, implemented or successful?
  • What differences did the project make?
  • Was the process or idea adopted more broadly within the community or by others?

Uploading your 10-page submission

This will be done on the website. The maximum size attachment is 10MB. If your submission is greater than 10MB first check that you have compressed all your images. If the document is still too large, you may need to split the document up into multiple sections (e.g. pages 1-5, 6-10) as each attachment may be up to 10MB. If you still have issues, please contact the Community Partnership Award Coordinator.

Entry process

Each entry is reviewed to ensure that it is eligible to be considered for an award.

Throughout May, June and July the Assessment Panel assesses each entry by undertaking a review of the written submissions and there may be an inspection of each nominated site/operation. If a site inspection is not feasible or practical then the Assessment Panel may meet with the entrants in Perth to discuss their submission.

The panel then prepares a detailed report on each of the submissions for the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee assesses each written submission and reviews the Assessment Panel's report during July.

The Selection Committee will then select the award recipients, and the Minister for Mines and Petroleum presents the Community Partnership Award in September/October.

The 2017 Assessment Panel includes representatives from other agencies.

The Selection Committee is chaired by the Director General of the Department of Mines and Petroleum and includes three independent members.


For further information contact:
Community Partnership Project Manager
PH: 08 9222 3373
Email: communitypartnerships@dmirs.wa.gov.au