DMP submissions

Department of Mines and Petroleum Submissions allow DMP customers to submit applications electronically through the DMP website.

  • The convenient online system is mobile friendly and provides a single point of entry for DMP customers.
  • The one-stop payment process saves time and gives users the ability to upload large files associated with their submission.
  • To use the system, customers do not need to register with the department, but they must have a valid email address.
  • Registered users will also have access to the system.
  • Once lodged, customers will receive notification of their submissions, including any requests for further information, via email.
  • The system streamlines the application process, and allows customers to lodge, pay and manage DMP submissions through one, easy system.

For more information about DMP Submissions contact the DMP Submissions team.

Licence, permit, tenement, title, certificate, extension, renewal, submission, notification.

For more information, how a user can submit an application electronically, please view the DMP submissions flyer.

Other DMP submissions

This section includes all other DMP submissions forms

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