Applying for a pyrotechnics (special use) licence

Pyrotechnics special use licence - application form - 59 Kb

This form or template is required to apply for a pyrotechnics special use licence.

When is this licence required?

A pyrotechnics (special use) licence is required for the use of, and to hold theatrical fireworks or specialised pyrotechnics events.

The pyrotechnics (special use) licence is issued for five years.

Licence holders are able to store and transport limited amounts of theatrical fireworks.

Who can apply?

Only individuals, not companies or businesses, can be licensed.

The applicant must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • hold a current dangerous goods security card or recognised security clearance
  • possess competencies acceptable to the department’s Chief Dangerous Goods Officer.

Security clearance

Medical fitness

Dangerous goods and explosives medical certificate – application form - 48 Kb

Print out the dangerous goods and explosives licence medical certificate and take to your medical practitioner to complete. When making an appointment with your medical practitioner, inform them the medical assessment is for a dangerous goods licence.

Assessing Fitness to Drive - Medical Standards for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers is available from Austroads.


Competency for fireworks operator licence - information sheet - 100 Kb

A fireworks operator licence states the types and/or size of fireworks that may be initiated appropriate to the level of knowledge and practical experience previously gained.

Mutual recognition

If you are not a resident in Western Australia, but hold a pyrotechnics (special use) licence in another State or Territory of Australia, or New Zealand, you may apply for mutual recognition of that licence.

For information on mutual recognition refer to Applying for mutual recognition.

Required information

Applications for a pyrotechnics (special use) licence must be accompanied by specific information.

Before completing your application, ensure you have the documents described in Pyrotechnics special use licence - general information and summarised below.

Pyrotechnics special use licence - general information - 129 Kb

The following information is to guide you on the requirements for applying for and renewing pyrotechnics (special use) licences.

Item Document details        Date before lodgement
Competency training
  • detailed summary of your experience in fireworks events you have participated in, the fireworks permit number, and the level of involvement in the events
  • references from your employer(s) to support the claim
  • training completed in other jurisdictions of Australia will be accepted, but is not mandatory.
  • Certificate of Attainment (if applicable).
Medical certificate Assessed against the standards in Assessing Fitness to Drive – Medical Standards for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers Not more than 6 months
Photograph Colour passport photo Recent
Relevant offence Original or certified copies of documents detailing any conviction and/or charge pending relating to a relevant offence
Dangerous goods security card Colour copy of both sites of a valid WA dangerous goods security card or interstate equivalent
Proof of identity

Colour copy of both sides of your motor driver’s licence (MDL) from any Australian State or Territory or New Zealand or:

  • WA photo card
  • Australian or international passport
  • Licence or permit issued by an Australian State or Territory or New Zealand
  • Proof of age card.


The completed and signed application must be lodged with the supporting documentation, which is:

  • the original or the original certified document (where a copy is requested this does not apply)
  • dated not more than six months before the day your application is received by the Department.

Failure to provide the required documentation will delay processing of applications. Most applications are dealt with within 20 business days.

Application fee

The licence fee payable covers the 5 year period of the licence.

For information regarding application fees please see Schedule of fees and charges.

Lodging the application

For any enquiries please contact Support Services.
Phone: (08) 9358 8001

Related information

Notification of changes of details

If you hold an explosives driver licence, and have access to SRS, you can log on to SRS to amend any of your personal details. Any change will flow through to other licences you hold.

Incident reporting

Pyrotechnics (special use) licence holders are responsible for reporting accidents and incidents involving theatrical fireworks, including unexplained losses or theft.

Other guidance

Western Australian theatrical fireworks - code of practice - 2340 Kb

This code of practice covers the safe manufacture, transport, storage, handling, and use of theatrical fireworks.

Overview of explosives regulations - information sheet - 263 Kb

This document is for guidance only and the definitive statutory requirements are contained in the Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007 (the Explosives Regulations).

Applicable legislation