Applying for registration of a dangerous goods pipeline

Register a dangerous goods pipeline - application form - 397 Kb

This form or template is required to apply for a dangerous goods pipeline licence.

When is registration required?

A pipeline registration is required to operate a pipeline used to convey dangerous goods that is greater than 60 millimeters in diameter and which:

  • is not wholly located on a licensed dangerous goods site, or
  • connects two adjoining licensed dangerous goods sites.

Registration is valid for five years.

Major hazard facility (MHF) notification

If a pipeline is not part of an existing major hazard facility and has a capacity greater than the critical quantity of Schedule 1 substances then the operator must notify the department’s Chief Dangerous Goods Officer.

If a pipeline is situated on or connected to a place that could be a major hazard facility, the requirement to register a pipeline will depend on whether the place is determined to be a major hazard facility.

Dangerous goods pipeline registration does not apply to pipelines regulated under petroleum safety legislation.

Who can apply?

Registration is granted to the holder of the dangerous goods site licence.

Failure to provide the required documentation will delay processing of applications. Most applications are dealt with within approximately 20 business days.

Application fee

There is no application fee for pipeline registration.

Lodging the registration

The completed and signed application form must be accompanied by the written report.

This can be mailed to:

Resources Safety
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Mineral House 100 Plain Street
East Perth WA 6004

Or lodged in person to Resources Safety at 1 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004.

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Renewing a registration

Pipeline registrations are automatically renewed every 5 years unless:

  • the holder of the registration is deceased or the body corporate or partnership is dissolved
  • the holder does not want the registration renewed
  • the pipeline is not a dangerous goods pipeline or no longer needs to be registered.

Reporting an incident

Security sensitive ammonium nitrate licence holders are responsible for reporting accidents and incidents arising from their activities in Western Australia, including unexplained losses or theft.

Applicable legislation

Contact details

For any enquiries please contact Dangerous Goods Licensing:
Phone: (08) 9358 8001