Renewing a dangerous goods site licence

Renewal of licence

A dangerous goods site licence is granted for five years.  Continuation of the licence is subject to the payment of annual licence fees and the renewal fee.

A licence renewal payment notice will be sent to the licence holder six weeks prior to the expiry date of the licence.

Renewal fees not paid on, or before the due date, can be paid within a three month grace period following this date, and are subject to a late fee.

To avoid the licence from expiring, renewal fees and late fees must be paid in full on, or before the last day of the grace period, which is the final payment date on the renewal notice.

How to pay

Only payments made by Visa Card and MasterCard are accepted.

Go to the Department’s Payment Portal Credit Card Payment page. Enter the Payment Number shown in the Payment Options section of the notice, and your credit card details.

The Payment Portal does not accept payments past the final payment date.

Renewal and late fee

For information regarding application and renewal fees please see Schedule of fees and charges.

Licence transfer

Current licences may be transferred.  Where a transfer occurs during the three month grace period, the incoming licensee will be responsible for the payment of any renewal fee, annual licence fee, and late payment fee that may be unpaid.

Applicable legislation

Contact details

For any enquiries please contact Dangerous Goods Licensing
Phone: (08) 9358 8001