Reporting incidents involving dangerous goods

Dangerous goods incident report - form - 273 Kb

This form is to be completed and lodged with Resources Resources Safety within 21 days of a reportable situation unless otherwise agreed with a Dangerous Goods Officer.


The incident must then be reported by the person with control or management of the dangerous goods, as soon as reasonably practicable, to a Dangerous Goods Officer at the department:

Telephone: 9358 8001

For dangerous goods emergencies or accidents requiring the attendance of emergency services, telephone 000.

How to report a dangerous goods incident

Section 9 of the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 requires certain dangerous goods incidents (called reportable situations) to be reported to Resources Safety as soon as practicable.

Lodging a dangerous goods incident report

Important note: The dangerous goods incident report form must be lodged with Resources Safety within 21 days of a reportable situation.


For any enquiries please contact a Dangerous Goods Officer

Phone: (08) 9358 8001