Eligibility and how to apply

To register your interest for the 2018 Awards for Excellence, please send your contact details to excellenceaward@dmirs.wa.gov.au.

Who is eligible to apply?

Assessment criteria

Award entries must meet the eligibility criteria including demonstrating how they meet the selection criteria.

Eligibility criteria

Award entries must relate to a partnership between a resource industry operation and a local community group/s that provides positive outcomes for the Western Australian community.  Submissions can be made individually by either of the parties, or a joint entry by both parties may also be made. Individual entries must clearly demonstrate collaboration between the parties.

To be eligible, the award entry must relate to:

  • the Community Partnership Award selection criteria
  • a resource industry operation
  • a community group
  • a partnership between the two parties above.

The following definitions apply:

Resource Industry Operation

The resource industry operation (ie. mining, extractive petroleum, geothermal or geosequestration) must be based in Western Australia (including State waters, but not Commonwealth waters).  Any company or individual operating within Western Australia’s resources industries may be eligible to apply. This is regardless of whether they are a wholly or partly owned Australian company/business or an international entity.  Any organisation or business that provides services to a Western Australian resource industry operation may also be eligible to nominate a collaborative partnership.

Community Group

The community group/s must be based in Western Australia and have a connection with a resource industry operation as outlined above.   It includes a formal or informal community group or organisation.


The parties mentioned above must be engaged in a collaborative partnership or alliance to provide sustainable and enduring benefits to the Western Australian community in which they are located.  Entries can be for a collaboration which is a local activity or companywide initiative with demonstrated positive outcomes for Western Australian communities.

Selection Criteria

Award entries will be assessed on the positive outcomes that the collaborative partnership is delivering to the community.  There are three selection criteria against which award entries will be assessed:

  1. leadership/innovation in engagement
  2. benefits of the collaboration
  3. commitment to providing sustainable and enduring outcomes.

Please note that it is essential that you provide facts and figures.

1. Leadership/innovation in engagement;

Award entries will be assessed based on leadership or innovation demonstrated in engagement between the parties to develop a collaborative partnership.

This criterion allows you to explain the process by which the parties interacted and built trust to form a partnership.

It is important that you are able to clearly demonstrate that a partnership/ alliance have been established, and that the partnership is endorsed and generally supported by the community it relates to.

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • How and when did the partnership come about?
  • How did parties interact to promote inclusive dialogue and relationship building?
  • How did the engagement practices demonstrate leadership, or an improvement to or establishment of an innovative approach?
  • How were the community’s values integrated into the business operations?

2.  Benefits of the collaboration;

Award entries will be assessed based on the nature and extent of the positive outcomes for the community resulting from the partnership.

This criterion seeks to understand what benefits have arisen from the partnership and how consensus was reached to pursue those benefits.

It is important that you clearly establish the benefits and outcomes resulting from the partnership.

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • What initiatives arising from the partnership have benefited the community?
  • What are the specific beneficial outcomes for the community?
  • How was consensus reached on the value of such projects?

3.  Commitment to providing sustainable and enduring outcomes.

Award entries will be assessed on the long term and ongoing benefits accruing to the community from the partnership.

This criterion allows you to describe the sustainable benefits being gained for the community that go beyond normal requirements and obligations.

It is important that you clearly establish the sustainable and enduring outcomes from the initiative.

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • How has the partnership made a positive sustainable difference for the community?
  • How will the collaboration benefit the community beyond the life of the resource project?
  • How does the project extend beyond normal requirements and obligations?

Suggested format of your submission

It is suggested that you provide an introduction to the collaborative partnership by providing a brief background of the project, the company and the community group. This provides valuable context for the Assessment Panel and Selection Committee who may not have experience in the resources development industry. Details can include what the operation/project is addressing, its location, its size, the number of people involved, the history to the project and its relevance to the community.

The submission is to be no longer than 10 pages, and should succinctly describe the collaborative partnership against the assessment criteria. The submission needs to address each of the criteria and can include photos, graphs, tables, testimonials or anything else that highlights the main initiatives and results of your collaboration.

Please ensure that you:

  • Keep your entry succinct. You don't need to use all 10 pages.
  • Keep to the context. Your submission should highlight the facts of your projects and the benefits to the participating community.
  • Use bullet points if you wish. You can get information across easily in dot points, tables and images.

Assessment process

Each entry is reviewed to ensure that it is eligible to be considered for the award. Throughout May, June and July the Assessment Panel will evaluate each entry by undertaking a review of the written submissions (and may include an inspection of a nominated site/operation or community). If an inspection is not feasible or practical then the Assessment Panel may meet with the entrants in Perth to discuss their submission.

  • The Panel then prepares a detailed report on each of the submissions for the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee assesses each written submission and reviews the Assessment Panel's report during July/August.
  • The Selection Committee then selects the award recipients, and the Minister for Mines and Petroleum presents the Community Partnership Award in September or October in conjunction with the Golden Gecko award.

The Assessment Panel has representatives from government agencies and community organisations.

The Selection Committee is chaired by the Director General of the Department of Mines and Petroleum and includes three independent members.

Why should my organisation apply?

The winning nominee sets an example to industry of innovation and excellence in community partnerships. They will have the opportunity to share their experiences with government, industry and the community. The award recipients will be able to differentiate themselves amongst other organisations/businesses with a higher level of credibility. Most importantly, businesses will highlight their respect for the community in which they operate and the broader Western Australian community.

In addition, nominating for the Awards provides an opportunity for the organisation to:

  • receive recognition for their business policies and practices that aim to improve workforce inclusion and support communities
  • evaluate their business and community engagement planning
  • gain feedback on their implementation of community partnerships strategies
  • highlight opportunities for further growth in community partnerships activities
  • increase media and brand awareness
  • increase internal awareness and interest across your business
  • stand out as a potential employer or business partner.

Winners of the Awards will also receive the right to use the Community Partnership Award logo on websites and other marketing material.