Geology mapping app for mobile devices (WA Geology)

WA Geology is an online (GIS-based) mapping system for mobile devices. You can query and view geoscience and resource information of Western Australia and identify the rocks and mineral resources at a given location.

What’s in the app?

WA Geology mapping app
WA Geology mapping app

This web-mapping application can be opened using a variety of browsers on multiple devices. Information includes:

  • Recently updated 1:500 000 State interpreted bedrock geology
  • Mines and mineral deposits, major resources, petroleum datasets and tenements
  • Location of key infrastructure such as towns and roads
  • Various statewide image datasets including geophysics, geology and topography

A mobile web browser is required to use this service; there is no ‘app’ to download.

How to access the app

To run WA Geology, cut and paste the following link into the web browser of your mobile device:


For more information contact:

For technical assistance contact IT Service Desk.