Renew your licence to avoid suspension

Amendments mean licences are suspended rather than cancelled
Date: Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dangerous Goods Security Card holders must renew their licence to avoid suspension 

Holders of explosives licences who no longer have a valid dangerous goods security card will have their licence suspended, rather than cancelled, until their security card is renewed.

Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources Safety Executive Director Simon Ridge said this approach was made possible following amendments introduced earlier this month.

“Until this amendment was introduced, licences were automatically cancelled when they expired,” Mr Ridge said.

“This meant that licence holders were required to go through the whole licencing process again as well as regaining their security clearance. This was expensive and time-consuming.

“Under the amended regulations, licences are now suspended until the licence holder has a current security card.”

Mr Ridge said more than 18,500 dangerous goods security cards have been issued by the department since 2009.

“The cards must be renewed every five years, so there will be a large number coming up for renewal over the next few years,” Mr Ridge said.

Notifications to renew security cards are issued at least two months before they are due to expire and can be renewed through the department’s on-line renewal system.

Mr Ridge said the department was notifying those with expired security cards regarding the implications of having their licence suspended.

“For example, a shotfirer would not be allowed unsupervised access to explosives, and therefore could not independently store or transport explosives”, Mr Ridge said.

“However, they may be able to continue shotfiring work as long as they are supervised by a security card holder.”

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