Third quarter approvals performance

September quarter report shows strong performance on key approval processes
Date: Tuesday, 04 November 2014
The department finalised the majority of key approvals within target timelines during the September quarter

The Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) September quarter approvals performance report has shown continued strong performance across a number of key approval processes.

The report shows the majority of key approvals were addressed within target timelines.

DMP Executive Director Strategic Projects Julie de Jong said the latest quarterly figures were pleasing given the increased number of applications received in several categories.

“This an extremely pleasing result considering the department received 1009 mineral tenure applications, 477 Programme of Work exploration applications and 60 Mining Proposals during the quarter,” Mrs de Jong said.

The department’s Mineral Titles Division finalised 97 per cent of mineral exploration licence applications and 98 per cent of prospecting licences within the 65 business day target.

“A higher number of mineral tenure applications are usually received in the third quarter of the year, so to have maintained or increased the percentage of applications finalised within timeline targets in many categories is a credit to the teams involved,” Mrs de Jong said.

Of exploration and mining applications, 96 per cent of Programme of Work applications and 90 per cent of Mining Proposals were finalised within the target of 30 business days.

DMP’s Environment Division received 62 native vegetation clearing permit applications during the quarter, of which 86 per cent were finalised within the target timeline of 60 calendar days.

The Resources Safety Division received 14 Project Management Plans (PMPs) during the September quarter and all PMPs were finalised within the 30 business day target.

Of petroleum tenure and activity applications, 35 Joint Authority Assessments were received with 79 per cent finalised within the 20 business day target.

One hundred per cent of well applications were finalised within the 40 business day target with 37 applications received during the quarter.

Five petroleum Exploration Permit applications were received, however only 11per cent of Exploration Permits were finalised within the 120 business day target during the September quarter.

Ninety six per cent of environment and oil spill contingency plans were finalised within the target of 30 business days and 100 per cent of petroleum safety cases were finalised within target.

“The department has previously reported on key petroleum approval processes,” Mrs de Jong said.

“Following a review of petroleum approval processes and work programs, we’ve decided to include three additional approval sub categories in the report.

“These sub categories are Joint Authority Assessments, Other Approvals and Other Titles.

“A detailed list of sub category application types is provided with this report.

“While we’re performing well in many categories there are some areas, particularly Exploration Permits approvals, where the department is working to improve performance.”

The full report can be viewed on the DMP website.