Applying to operate a quarry without appointing a quarry manager

Application for agreement to operate a quarry operation without appointing a quarry manager - application form - 58 Kb

This application form is required to operate a quarry without appointing a Quarry Manager.

Who is responsible for the application?

The registered manager can apply for approval to operate a quarry without a quarry manager. Depending on the nature of the quarry operation, the registered manager must apply to the:

  • district inspector — if the quarry operation has less than 25 persons and no explosives are used
  • State Mining Engineer — for small quarry operations where explosives are used

Required information

The completed and signed application should be accompanied, where appropriate, by:

  • a risk management report detailing the additional alternative precautions to be implemented to control the risk
  • additional comments or information supporting the request.

Lodging the application

The completed and signed notification of appointment must be emailed to

Then mailed to:

Resources Safety
The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Mineral House 100 Plain Street
East Perth WA 6004

Or lodged in person at Resources Safety, 1 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA.


For enquiries please contact an inspector of mines
Phone: 1800SAFEMINE (1800 7233 6463)