Reporting an injury for a mining operation

Injury reports for mining operations must be submitted online using the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

What needs to be reported?

Below is a links that you may find useful for what accidents and incidents need to be reported for a mining operation.

Who is responsible for reporting?

The manager must send a completed mining injury report if an injury resulted in either of the following:

  • lost time injury (LTI)
    • Work injury that results in an absence from work for at least one full day or shift any time after the day or shift on which the injury occurred.
  • alternative duties (restricted, disabling, light duties)
    • Work injury (not LTI) that results in injured person being unable to fully perform his or her ordinary occupation (regular job) any time after the day or shift on which the injury occurred. This is regardless of whether or not the person is rostered to work, and where alternative or light duties are performed or hours are restricted.

Mining injury reports are submitted at the end of the accident date/month and submitted within two weeks of the following month.

Lodging a mining injury report

The mining injury report must be lodged online through SRS - Notifications.

The company must nominate at least one administrator to register online for SRS access before an injury report can be submitted.

Find out more about SRS at What is the Safety Regulation System (SRS)?

Related information

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For enquiries relating to the Safety Regulation System
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