Submitting a high voltage (HV) installation proposal

Submit a HV installation proposal online

Notification of high voltage installation - pro forma - 58 Kb

This template is for the notification of appointment of high voltage installation - pro forma

When submitting a HV installation proposal online, please insert the “Mine Name” in the “Reference” field

When is the submission of a proposal required?

The complete details of any proposed high voltage (HV) installation on Western Australian mine sites must be provided to the department prior to work commencing.

A design submission is also required for any significant change to HV installations. The purpose is to confirm an appropriate design and notify the mines inspectorate so an inspection can be arranged.

Resources Safety will generally neither undertake a detailed check of the engineering design, nor approve the design. Rather for most installations, a process check for completeness of the design will be undertaken according to the high voltage submission template. This check for completeness aims to confirm that all the major components of the design required by mandatory Australian Standards (such as AS 2067) have been completed and outcomes considered by the designer.

Refer to r. 5.18(2)(a) of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 for more details.

Australian Standards are available from Standards Australia.

Who is responsible for the submission?

The manager of the mine (the registered manager) is responsible for submitting the HV proposal.

Lodging the submission

For help using our online submission process, please visit the submissions portal

Lodgment of HV installation proposals, including supporting documents, are completed online


For enquiries please contact an electrical inspector of mines
Phone: 1800SAFEMINE (1800 7233 6463)