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Our commitments

Towards 2020 commitments details the goals, focus areas and measures of success for safety and health initiatives undertaken by the regulator.

Its purpose is to give stakeholders a clear understanding of Resources Safety’s regulatory focus, going beyond the day-to-day inspectorate activities.

Progress on these commitments will be reported annually. Examples of progress reporting include online news items, Resources Safety Matters articles, publications, web pages or case studies.

Completed commitments will be archived and available to industry online.

The reports made on commitment progress can be used as a way to assess the Division’s performance and effectiveness as a regulator.

This will help Resources Safety effectively engage with its stakeholders to collect and share safety information, and help identify emerging safety trends and how they can be addressed.

Towards 2020 vision provides more information on the purpose and drivers of the Towards 2020 strategy

Towards 2020 goals provides more information on the core elements supporting the vision

Commitments overview

For ease of reading, the Department's commitments are in table-format and available for download. Each commitment is on a separate page and the relevant industry sector/s addressed are displayed at the top of the table.

  • Focus area - Ultimate outcome/s sought by the regulator
  • Drivers - Justification for the focus area, which may include accident and injury data, legislative or compliance requirement or an emerging industry area of interest
  • Activities - Initiatives being undertaken by the regulator
  • Measures - Outputs and outcomes expected by the regulator related to specific activities
  • Timing - Anticipated completion date of measures
  • Goals - Icons representing the goals being addressed

Towards 2020 Regulatory strategy for Resources Safety - Our commitments

Commitments summary

Below is a brief summary of the commitments and focus areas for the Towards 2020 strategy. Full details are available in the Towards 2020 Our commitments overview.

Topic Sector Focus area

Modernised legislation

Mining, petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs), geothermal energy

Modernised, consolidated legislation covering mining, petroleum, MHF and geothermal energy

Safety regulation system (SRS) enhancements

Mining, petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs), geothermal energy

Fully integrated online systems that streamline administration and regulatory functions

Human and organisational factors

Mining, petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs), geothermal energy

Routine application of human and organisational factors principles to safety and health management

Mental health and wellbeing

Mining, petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs), geothermal energy

Improved workplace mental health and wellbeing in the resources sector

Risk-based resourcing


Appropriate targeting of compliance and enforcement efforts (right tool, right place, right time)

Nano diesel particulate matter


Increased understanding and control of health impacts of diesel particulate matter (DPM), particularly nano diesel particulate matter (nDPM)

Ground control


Improved ground control management

Ventilation management


Improved ventilation practices and compliance

Naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM)


Improved radiation safety management of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM)

Emergency preparedness


Improved emergency preparedness and safe systems for those working away from readily accessible infrastructure and support services

Traffic management


Improved traffic management practices

Storage and handling non-compliance

Dangerous goods

Improved compliance with dangerous goods storage and handling requirements

Dangerous goods rail transport

Dangerous goods

Effective regulation of the transportation of dangerous goods by rail as required by the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004

Approved emergency responders (AERs)

Dangerous goods

Improved effectiveness of (AER) system for dangerous goods transport

Transport and storage of dangerous goods in agricultural sector

Dangerous goods

Improved transport and storage practices for dangerous goods used in agriculture

Chain of responsibility in dangerous goods transport

Dangerous goods, major hazard facilities (MHFs), mining

Improved understanding and acceptance of regulatory responsibilities by site operators and managers when contracting dangerous goods transport services

Performance standards

Petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs)

Increased awareness and application of requirements and expected performance standards for operators

Safety case assessments

Petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs)

Raise awareness of requirements and expected standard of safety case submissions of operators

Aging asset management

Petroleum, major hazard facilities (MHFs)

Raise awareness of requirements and expected standard for managing aging assets