Your role in promoting a mentally healthy workplace

Mentally healthy workplaces: Resources for workers

Participating in consultation at work

Effective management of health and safety at work relies on effective consultation between employers and workers.

Contributing your experience, knowledge and ideas increases the likelihood that psychosocial hazards within the workplace will be identified and effective controls put in place. Consultation can help raise awareness of psychosocial hazards and also identify practicable and effective solutions to create mentally healthy workplaces.

You should:

  • ask questions
  • raise safety and health concerns
  • make safety recommendations and suggestions, and
  • be part of the problem solving process.

What is the role of safety and health representatives in consultation?

Safety and health representatives have a responsibility to advise the employer of the views of the workers they represent on safety and health matters. To do this effectively, they are required to seek them, before meeting with the employer. Safety and health representatives can play an important role in the workplace by passing on and discussing relevant information on safety and health matters to workers. However, this is not intended to substitute the employer’s obligation to provide safety and health training to all workers.