The graduate program

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Code of Conduct
The Graduate Program involves DMIRS, JTSI and DPIRD

Graduates are engaged by one of the two departments on a fixed term contract. The program runs for 18 months with a provision for permanent appointment to the department following successful completion of the first 12 months of the program.

Graduates are employed under the Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement 2017 at Level 3, which is $69,896 per annum plus 9.5% superannuation. Salary increases are reviewed regularly and increments paid annually to the top of the increment range.


The program offers a number of rotational placements across the two departments with the possibility to work in other Government departments. The rotations are individualised and designed to provide exposure to each department’s diverse operations, while also providing an opportunity to develop valuable skills and experience.

Graduates have the opportunity to undertake research, policy and project activities which lead to an attainment of corporate knowledge and professional expertise to support and enhance business activities.

The performance management process is a key component of the graduate program and outlines the objectives for the graduate to achieve in each placement, as well as an evaluation of the skills developed. Graduates are provided with a feedback session on their performance, and an opportunity to provide feedback to the placement area, for each of their placements.

The Graduate Program involves Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety and Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Learning and Development

As a graduate you will undergo a comprehensive induction to the Public Sector as well as your role within the department.

A comprehensive learning and development program is also offered to graduates to help grow their skills. Development opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Leading Self
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Policy Development

Support and Networking

Graduates participating on the program will be provided with support and guidance from a number of individuals with the department.

Graduate Program Coordinator

The Graduate Program Coordinator manages the day to day business of the graduate program. The Coordinator provides ongoing support and advice to the graduate as they build and navigate their career with the department.

Graduate Program Sponsor

Each graduate will be assigned a Graduate Program Sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to serve as a reference point for the graduate, and to ensure rotations provide suitable work and opportunities to develop new skills.

Departmental Mentor

Each graduate will be matched with a departmental mentor.  The mentor is an additional form of support and provides motivation and information to further enhance the graduate’s career aspirations and goals.

Rotational Line Manager

During each rotation the graduate will have a Rotational Line Manager. The role of the line manager is to provide challenging and meaningful work to assist the graduate develops their expertise.  The Line Manager will supervise, coach and provide feedback to the graduate as they grow their skills and experience.

Graduates from across the WA Public Sector

Graduates are encouraged to develop and maintain their own networks as well as communicate with each other during the course of the program. This includes attending monthly information sessions with fellow graduates, participating in the Public Sector Graduate Development Program and other networking opportunities.