Apply for excess tonnage

Exploration and Prospecting licences have tonnage limits as follows:

  • Exploration Licence - 1000 tonnes
  • Prospecting Licence - 500 tonnes.

When the tonnage limit will be exceeded by the proposed activities, an excess tonnage application must be submitted to the Title Compliance Branch via Mineral Titles Online (MTO). It is the responsibility of the tenement holder to maintain accurate records of tonnage disturbances on a tenement and to know when an excess tonnage application is required. Tenement holders should note that tonnage disturbance accumulates over the life of the tenement, is applied to a tenement as a whole (rather than the area of the tenement where the disturbance actually occurs) and is not reduced or removed as a result of rehabilitation activities, partial tenement surrender or conversion of tenure.

For all queries about the excess tonnage application process, please contact the Title Compliance Branch on +61 8 9222 0985.

Excess tonnage guideline - 246 Kb

Outlining the requirements for information to be provided in applications for excess tonnage.

Excess Tonnage Request - 191 Kb

Application for excess tonnage

Excess tonnage Statutory Declaration - 2567 Kb

statutory declaration

The Hillside tonnage calculator can be used as a guide for calculating hillside tonnage estimates.

Hillside Tonnage Calculator - 90 Kb

To be used as a guide for calculating hillside tonnage estimates.