Eastern Capricorn basins

The Proterozoic Yerrida, Bryah, Earaheedy, and Padbury Basins lie in the eastern part of the Capricorn Orogen. This project aims to produce seamless digital geological layers of bedrock and regolith geology, based on new geophysical, remote sensing, geochemical, geochronological, and stratigraphic data.

The tectonic setting of these basins is still poorly understood. However, the basins are thought to have developed during rifting, accretion, and passive-margin tectonism along the northern margin of the Yilgarn Craton. The age of the basins is poorly constrained but they appear to have developed between c. 2200 and 1800 Ma and were deformed and metamorphosed at low grade during the 1820–1770 Ma Capricorn Orogeny. Based on the known stratigraphy, stacking of all the Proterozoic supracrustal units present in the eastern Capricorn Orogen, gives a maximum cumulative thickness of about 20 km.

These basins contain a significant endowment of VMS-hosted and epithermal base metal deposits, forming one of the largest copper provinces of Australia, including world-class Besshi-type VMS-base metal mineralization at the DeGrussa Cu–Au–Ag deposit in the Bryah Basin.

Project objectives

Most of the Eastern Capricorn basins were mapped in the 1990s and early 2000s at 1:100 000 scale, as individual map tiles with no seamless interpreted bedrock geology or digital coverage. The project will use new geophysical, remote sensing, geochemical, geochronological, and stratigraphic data to assemble seamless digital geological layers of bedrock and regolith geology. The digital layers will be published as the Eastern Capricorn basins Geological Information Series including accompanying Explanatory Notes.

Simplified geological map of the Capricorn Orogen showing the distribution of major structures, mineral deposits and occurrences
Simplified geological map of the Capricorn Orogen showing the distribution of major structures, mineral deposits and occurrences
Massive sulfide ore in contact with low-grade metasedimentary rocks at the DeGrussa deposit
Massive sulfide ore in contact with low-grade metasedimentary rocks at the DeGrussa deposit




1:100 000 Geological Series

1:250 000 Geological Series

Further publications

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