Guidance about guarding

Why is guarding important?

If intrinsic safety is not achieved through the design or modification of plant or machinery, engineering controls such as guarding may be required to eliminate exposure to any remaining hazards (e.g. pinch points, moving parts).

Refer to r. 6.2(2f) of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 for more details

General guidance

A code of practice is available that has general guidance for employers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and workers about identifying and controlling safety and health hazards associated with plant or machinery. It also addresses risks associated with guarding, or the lack of guarding.

Safeguarding of machinery and plant - code of practice - 1653 Kb

Safeguarding of machinery and plant - code of practice: This code of practice provides general guidance on the identification and control of safety and health hazards and risks associated with guarding of machinery and plant.

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