Applying for registration of classified plant

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Registration of classified plant (all types) - pro forma - 55 Kb

This template is for the registration of classified plant (all types) - pro forma.


What does registration involve?

A pro-forma is available to assist in the registration of classified plant. The pro-forma is designed to ensure the application process is completed satisfactorily and also answers questions associated with the registration process.

What is not registered?

If classified plant is already design registered with another authority within Australia responsible for plant safety then, under General Exemption: Registrations of certain classified plant [r. 6.34(1)], there is no need to register the plant with the department.

What about registration of a design?

Under the current regulations, the department cannot register the design of any classified plant - only individual plant items for use on Western Australian mine sites can be registered.

Designers, manufacturers, importers or suppliers of classified plant who wish to register classified plant designs for use in general industry are encouraged to contact WorkSafe.

For information about registering a classified plant design, contact WorkSafe at the Department of Commerce

Who is responsible for the registration?

An application to register classified plant can be made by:

  • principal employer
  • registered manager (i.e. mine or exploration manager)
  • any person duly authorised by the registered manager to make an application on their behalf.

If the applicant to register classified plant is an appointed or authorised person, a copy of their appointment letter or letter of authority must be included with the application for registration.

Required information


An application for registration cannot be accepted unless it includes:

  • an authorisation letter if the applicant is an authorised person
  • drawings of the plant design
  • a compliance statement from an independent, third-party design verifier certifying that the design complies with the relevant standards
  • design calculations that demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards.

Bridge or a gantry crane registration

The specific documents required when applying for bridge and gantry crane registration is outlined in the pro-forma that should accompany the application for registration.

Documents required to apply for bridge and gantry crane registration - pro forma - 129 Kb

This form outlines the documents required to apply for bridge and gantry crane registration - pro forma


For enquiries please contact an inspector of mines
Phone: 1300 307 877