Guidelines, guides and procedures

See Dangerous goods safety – guidance for more information.

Guidelines, guides and procedure – dangerous goods

Explosives management plan – guide - 747 Kb

Explosives management plan (ExMP) - guide

Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007 - Guide - 2896 Kb

Practical guidance on how to comply with the regulations.

Licensed storage of emergency devices, black powder and propellant powder - self-audit guide - 3852 Kb

Licensed storage, emergency devices, black powder, propellant power, self audit guide

Approval of consultants to assess and endorse dangerous goods site licence applications - guide - 823 Kb

This document outlines how a person can become an accredited consultant in Western Australia. It covers the requirements for approval by the Chief Officer, and the standards of assessment required to maintain accreditation status.

Overview of classification and safety report approval process - diagram - 35 Kb

This document is a flow chart diagram of the overview of classification and safety report approval process.

Reporting dangerous goods incidents - guideline - 219 Kb

This guideline is intended to assist all parties involved with dangerous goods to understand their reporting duties for dangerous goods incidents.

Approval of responders to dangerous goods emergencies - guide - 458 Kb

This document outlines how a company can become an approved “emergency responder” in Western Australia.

Accredited consultant's charter - guide - 84 Kb

The Chief Officer accredits approved persons to provide certificates in accordance with regulations 26(3) and 29(4B) of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007.

Acknowledgement of accredited consultant’s responsibilities - 680 Kb

Dangerous goods licence applications that are accompanied by a certificate from an approved person are automatically approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Dangerous goods safety matters - self check guide for petrol stations - guide - 1883 Kb

This self-check guide will assist in the safe operation of supervised self-service petrol stations. It does not apply to unsupervised self-service petrol stations or underground liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) tanks.

Dangerous goods safety matters - self-audit guide for prime contractors - guide - 1319 Kb

Prime contractors have multiple responsibilities to ensure that dangerous goods are transported safely. This self-audit tool is a good starting point to evaluate your transport system.

Blast plan preparation, including mining operations - guide - 352 Kb

This guide and its associated templates will assist the mining industry and other blasting operations to prepare a blast plan and records about the blast that address the key requirements of regulations 129, 130 and 134 of the Explosives Regulations.

Guidelines, guides and procedures – for major hazard facilities

Audits, review and continual improvement for major hazard facilities – guide - 1241 Kb

Guide to assist operators in the development and ongoing use of audit systems, management reviews and continual improvement

Providing information to the community – guide - 716 Kb

Guide to assist operators to meet the requirement of communicating and providing information to the community surrounding a major hazard facility

Development and submission of safety report – guide - 1229 Kb

Guide for the development and submission of a safety report as required under the Dangerous Goods Safety (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2007