Code of conduct

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) is committed to operating as a competent, ethical, transparent and accountable organisation, which provides a satisfying, safe and equitable work environment for its employees.

DMP employees are encouraged to act with integrity at all times and be conscious of, and operate in accordance with, Western Australian businesses and community members.

To achieve this, employees must comply with the Western Australian Public Sector Commissioner’s Instruction No. 7 – Code of Ethics. The principles of this instruction are as follows:

  • personal integrity – act with care and diligence and make decisions that are honest, fair, impartial and timely, and consider all relevant information
  • relationships with others – treat people with respect, courtesy and sensitivity and recognise their interests, rights, safety and welfare
  • accountability – use the resources of the State in a responsible and accountable manner that ensures the efficient, effective and appropriate use of human, natural, financial and physical resources, property and information.

DMP's Code of Conduct reflects these principles and provides a clear framework for the standards of behaviour and ethical and accountable decision making expected of all employees.

Since 2006, the department has provided all employees with training to create awareness around accountable and ethical decision making, and the conduct required from employees.

Department of Mines and Petroleum Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Fraud and Corruption Control Plan

DMP is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability in all its affairs.

DMPhas zero tolerance to fraud and corruption. Suspected fraud or corruption will be reported, investigated and resolved in accordance with internal policies and procedures and the Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003. All legal obligations to the principles of procedural fairness will be met.

DMP has a Fraud and corruption control plan which details DMP's approach to fraud and corruption prevention, detection and response, including details of pre-employment screening, and customer and supplier screening requirements.