Mineral Titles Online (MTO)

Mineral Titles Online (MTO) provides details of mineral exploration and mining tenements throughout Western Australia.

In addition customers have the ability to perform a large portion of their business transactions with the department’s Mineral Titles Division through the MTO system, as well as order, pay for and receive tenement title searches online.

Transition to Online Processing

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) is committed to providing enhanced digital services.  DMP endeavours to have all transactions available online. The initiative is designed to provide users with the flexibility of transacting at their convenience. Since 2011, DMP has made over 18 Mining Act 1978 (Mining Act) forms available online with a further 12 scheduled to be released this month. DMP is endeavouring to progressively make more of its transactions available online. The initiative has reduced processing times and improved ease of business by replacing the physical lodgement of Mining Act related forms and supporting documents at a Mining Registrar’s office.

The initiative is consistent with the Western Australian Government’s “Digital WA Strategy” which aims to create cost effective and efficient online systems to provide users with the flexibility of accessing government services and transactions at their convenience.

The current use of Mineral Titles Online is at record high with 78% of mining tenement applications in May lodged online, and by 1 July 2016, 90% of transactions will be available for online lodgement. However, throughout the transition period from paper to online, Mineral Titles Division will continue to offer both over-the-counter and online services.

DMP encourages its customers to use online services as this increases access to services and encourages streamlined processing of applications and determinations.

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Ivor Roberts, Executive Director Mineral Titles Division, Department of Mines and Petroleum via 9222 3118 or ivor.roberts@dmp.wa.gov.au.

If you need assistance in the use of Mineral Titles Online please call MTOL Enquires on (08) 9222 3030 or email mto.help@dmp.wa.gov.au

If you are experiencing technical problems please call the Service Desk on (08) 9222 0777 or email it.servicedesk@dmp.wa.gov.au

Access to Mineral Titles Online

What is eLodgement?

eLodgement refers to the electronic lodgement of Mining Act forms-based business processes and any associated documentation via the MTO.

Customers have the ability to submit selected forms and any associated documentation online 24 hours a day, seven days a week (excluding scheduled maintenance) from anywhere in the world.

eLodgement processing uses a wizard style interface to streamline the online transaction process and upon completion a submission notification is provided by email.

Available online transactions

A variety of transactions can be performed online including:

Tenement Searches

  • Ordering a Tenement Search
  • Order a Tenement Data Extract (PDF)
  • Order a Tenement Data Extract (XML)

Title Related Transactions

  • Apply for a Tenement
  • Apply for an Extension of Term/ Renewal
  • Lodge an Objection
  • Lodge a Tenement Withdrawal
  • Lodge Application to Amend
  • Lodge Surrender
  • Lodge Partial Surrender
  • Apply for an Extension of Time
  • Apply for an Application for Forfeiture
  • Apply for a Copy Document
  • Apply for Excess Tonnage
  • Apply for Licence/Lease Instrument
  • Apply for Consent to Mine
  • Apply for Inclusion of Iron Ore
  • Apply for Inclusion of Private Land
  • Apply for a Retention Status
  • Apply for Restoration
  • Lodge a Plaint

Dealings and Other Processes

  • Lodge a Caveat
  • Lodge a Tenement Transfer
  • Lodge a Devolution
  • Lodge a Tax Memorial
  • Lodge a Caveat Withdrawal
  • Lodge an Agreement Withdrawal
  • Lodge a Tax Memorial Withdrawal
  • Lodge a Caveat Continuation
  • Lodge a Mortgage
  • Lodge a Mortgage Discharge
  • Lodge a Mortgage Transfer

Warden's Court Transactions

  • Lodge an Objection
  • Apply for an Extension of Time
  • Apply for an Application for Forfeiture
  • Lodge a Plaint
  • Apply for a Restoration
  • Lodge a Notice of Appeal under s147

Compliance Related Transactions

  • Apply for an Exemption from Expenditure
  • Lodge Operations Report
  • Apply for an Extension of Time
  • Apply for Excess Tonnage
  • Apply for an Application for Forfeiture
  • Apply for Exemption from Drop Off

Non-title Related Transactions

  • Apply for a Section 40E Permit to Prospect
  • Apply for a Permit to Enter Upon Private Land
  • Lodge a Power of Attorney

Form Relodgement

  • Relodgement/Provisional Lodgement

Rental Payments

  • Make a Rental Payment


  • Lodge Supporting Documents
  • Lodge a Document for a Tenement
  • Lodge a Request Affecting a Mining Tenement
  • Lodge supporting documentation relating to a Warden’s Court matter

What if I am not a registered MTO user?

You can register for free by completing the online form.

Mining act fees and charges

The current mining tenement fees and charges are effective from 01 July 2016.

Fees have been adjusted in accord with the Perth September Quarter 2015 CPI increase of 1.1% whilst rent has been increased by 3.4%. The 2.3% rent increase above the CPI is in lieu of introducing environmental assessment fees.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) Mining Act fees and charges can now be paid at the Customer Service Counter Perth and regional offices by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTPOS) or credit card.

You are currently able to order and pay for official tenement searches and data extracts, pay mining tenement rentals and lodge various Mining Act forms online using the Department's Mineral Titles Online system. The Department of Mines and Petroleum accepts Visa and Mastercard. A credit card limit of $99,999 applies per transaction.

If the transaction limit of $99,999 is exceeded then the transaction will be rejected. This is important to note because applications such as Exploration Licences secure priority in time by satisfying the initial requirements of the legislation, including payment of fees.

Mining Tenement Fees and Charges (effective from 01 July 2016).

Additional information