Mineralisation reports and resource reports for mining lease applications

This information relates to mineralisation reports and resource reports submitted with Mining Lease applications under the Mining Act 1978, Section 74(1)(ca)(ii) and 74(1)(ca)(iii), respectively.

Mining Lease applications made after 1 February 2013 to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety(DMIRS) must be accompanied by one of the following three types of documentation:

Before applying for a Mining Lease, the most appropriate route should be determined by the applicant, as it is not possible to change from a Mineralisation Report route to a Mining Proposal route or vice versa once the application has been submitted. Discussion with staff at the department on this issue prior to application lodgement is welcome. Please contact us on minedex@dmirs.wa.gov.au

If the purpose of the Mining Lease application is either to extract basic raw materials such as rock, sand or gravel, or to conduct a small-scale mining operation (and there are insufficient ‘exploration results’ to demonstrate significant mineralisation) then it is recommended that the most appropriate method to proceed is via a Mining Proposal under Section 74(1)(ca)(i). Otherwise, ‘exploration results’ must be obtained prior to lodging the Mining Lease application.

Prior to submitting a Mineralisation Report, the checklist should be completed to ensure all requirements have been addressed.

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