Safety Regulation System (SRS)

Safety Regulation System (SRS)

How is the Safety Regulation System (SRS) used?

The department’s online SRS allows the electronic lodgment of documents and data. Some functions also allow customers to monitor the progress of their submissions and to upgrade and manage their licence details.

Using SRS, companies and individuals with the relevant security can submit information online for matters such as:

  • Approvals: project management plans (PMPs) and radiation management plans (RMPs)
  • Compliance: review and notify compliance for mines safety audits and inspections, mines safety notices details and other matters, and dangerous goods notices
  • Levy assessment: reporting hours worked which will affect how much, if any, Mines Safety and Inspection levy is payable.
  • Licensing and certification management: apply for and renew dangerous goods licences and renewal of dangerous goods security cards
  • Notifications: online monthly status reports, injury reports, notifiable incident or occurrence reports.

SRS is also used to store mines safety bulletins and significant incident reports, and summaries of mining incident reports and mining fatalities. All of these are publicly available to raise industry awareness of safety issues.

Why use SRS for communicating with the department?

SRS is the preferred method of communication between the department and industry. The benefits are:

  • all communications sent and received can be viewed
  • new queries or information can be sent to the department and received in return, and a record is generated
  • eliminating the need to email a specific individual at the department.


Any queries please contact or ring 9358 8001.

Access to SRS for existing users


Managing an ex-Account for an existing SRS user

Forgotten password for an existing SRS user

For holders of dangerous goods licences and/or security cards, to change your personal details (change of name, change of address) log into SRS and make the change in My Profile / My Personal Details. All changes will flow through to other licences or security cards held.

Access to SRS for new users

To have access to SRS, you must first register to use the system. On completion of registering, a department ex-Account number will be issued for access to SRS.

Dangerous goods licences and dangerous goods security cards

To register to have access to dangerous goods licences and dangerous goods security cards

To renew your dangerous goods licence or dangerous goods security card (DGSC), you must have received your renewal notice. Renewal notices for a DGSC are issued 10 weeks prior to expiry and renewal notices for dangerous goods licences are issued 12 weeks prior to expiry. Enter the verification codes provided in the renewal notice when registering. The verification codes are only valid up to and including the date of expiry.


To register for mining, companies or individuals in the mining industry can register either online through the Department website or through a company administrator.

Detailed information on registering online for SRS is available through the Quick Help Guide to SRS online registration.

Further information on the SRS system is available at SRS online help.