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The Mining Act 1978 requires that a Programme of Work (PoW) is lodged in the prescribed manner and approved by the Minister (or a prescribed official) prior to an explorer or prospector conducting any ground disturbing activities with mechanised equipment.

Recently the department  released a new lodgement system; Programme of Work - Spatial (PoW–S). The new system offers real time feedback, giving all the relevant information on the tenement(s) at the lodgement stage. The system will prompt information from the tenement holder during the lodgement process, hence ensuring adequate information is provided in the application and reducing the likelihood of questions during the assessment.

Please note: PoW-S will replace the PoW-Exploration (PoW-E) lodgement system during the course of this year.  Industry training in PoW-S lodgement and ongoing support is being offered by the department, for further information please contact

The PoW-S lodgement has been designed to cater for PoW – Prospecting (PoW-P) activity types, however the existing PoW-P form will remain available to be used. The Programme of Work-Prospecting Policy provides a framework for the application and assessment of a PoW-P and outlines the categories and limits of production appropriate.

There are three types of applications available for lodgement:

  • Programme of Work - Spatial (PoW-S) - caters for all exploration or prospecting activities
  • Programme of Work – Prospecting (PoW-P)
  • Programme of Work – Exploration (PoW-E) - will be phased out during 2017 and replaced by PoW-S

Download Example Shapefiles for PoW Spatial
Download Shapefile Definitions for PoW Spatial

Programme of Work - Exploration (PoW - E) and Spatial (PoW - S)

The PoW-S is a new spatial lodgement system which caters for all PoW applications using a spatial platform.

PoW-S enables proponents to input the individual items of their Programme of Work directly into the spatial system and will prompt for required details based on the type of activity and its location.

PoW-E and PoW-S applications are lodged online via the Environmental Assessment and Regulatory System (EARS Online). PoW-P's can also be lodged online using the PoW-S application.

Programme of Work Prospecting (PoW – P)

Programme of Work - Prospecting (PoW-P) applications and Prospecting Rehabilitation Reports can be lodged in hardcopy format or online via DMIRS submissions. Read our guide for how to submit your applications and reports online via DMIRS Submissions.

Programme of Work - Prospecting (PoW-P) Application Form - 608 Kb

PoW-P application