Petroleum Geothermal Register (PGR)

The Petroleum and Geothermal Register (PGR) provides information relating to petroleum and geothermal titles.

Access to Petroleum and Geothermal Register (PGR).

Petroleum Geothermal Register (PGR)

Customers requiring access to PGR for public information about petroleum and geothermal titles do not need to register.

  • use the keyword search available on the PGR homepage or choose ‘advanced search’ to enable title searching on a combination of data types
  • search results will be displayed as a list of titles
  • ‘select’ a title of interest for more information (e.g. holders and work commitments) about that title
  • the current title version is always displayed, but previous versions can be viewed using the ‘renewal history’ facility
  • dealings documents (transactions after 1996) can also be viewed

Customers transitioning from paper to digital transactions can register for a free online account for online lodgement of applications and online payments. An email notification will be sent once access to the online lodgement and/or online payments have been approved. For the various applications now available through online lodgement this is the department's approved and only method for lodging these application types.

Most forms are now available to download through PGR. These forms are to be submitted via PGR using the online lodgement facility as this is the departments approved and only method of receiving these application types. To make use of the online lodgement facility you will need to register for access to online lodgement. Please note that not all applications are currently available to be lodged online. Refer to Petroleum Forms for further details.

If you have queries on how to use PGR or about information displayed in the system, please contact the department’s Petroleum Division on +61 (08) 9222 3106. For all other technical problems or questions please contact our IT Service Desk on +61 (08) 9222 0777 or email

Note: As of 1 January 2017, PGR will be the official register for all titles granted after this date. For titles existing prior to this date, the hard copy registers will continue to be the official register until further notice. Pre 1 January 2017 titles displayed through PGR are for guidance and information purposes only. The legal status of title holders’ interest for these titles may be verified by conducting a search of the register available from the Petroleum Division within the department.

To find out more about this innovative system please read the Petroleum and Geothermal Register (PGR) brochure (PDF 550 kb). For more information about online spatial lodgement for pipelines read the PGR Online Spatial lodgement shapefile Definitions guideline.

Video of online lodgement of acreage release bid