Applying for a test permit for an unauthorised explosive

Test permit for an unauthorised explosive - application form - 244 Kb

This form or template is required to apply for a test permit for an unauthorised explosive.

When is a test permit required?

A test permit is required to import, test, manufacture, store, transport, supply or use an unauthorised explosive. The same applies to the use of fireworks.

In addition to any specific conditions imposed by the department’s Chief Dangerous Goods Officer, a test permit is subject to:

  • the test not being conducted without the written consent of the owner or occupier of the place where the test is to take place
  • the test permit holder ensuring the test is conducted in accordance with the information given in the application form
  • as soon as practicable after the test ends, the test permit holder providing the department’s Chief Dangerous Goods Officer with a written report about the test including
    • the results of the test (whether good or adverse)
    • the holder’s intentions about applying to have the explosive authorised.

Who can apply?

Test permits can be granted to an individual, body corporate or partnership.

Required information

A test permit application must address the requirements of regulation 27 of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulation 2007.

The supporting documentation lodged with the test permit application:

  • can be the original or the original certified document (this does not apply where a copy is requested)
  • must be dated not more than six months before the date the application is received by the department.

Failure to provide the required documentation will delay processing of applications. Most applications are dealt with within approximately 20 business days.

Application fee

See below:

Go to Schedule of fees and charges for more information on licence fees.

Lodging the application

The completed and signed application form must be accompanied by:

  • all support documents
  • the fee, payable at lodgement
    • this can be paid by credit card
    • application to be lodged online

Contact details

For any enquiries please contact Dangerous Goods Licensing:
Phone: (08) 9358 8001