GSWA in the Goldfields

GSWA will host an open day in the Goldfields on Thursday 16 November 2017
Date: Wednesday, 01 November 2017

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety's (DMIRS) Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) will open its doors with 'GSWA in the Goldfields' on Thursday 16 November.

This open day will feature a number of free events at different venues during the day and will culminate with three talks as part of the Raglan Drilling Geology Lecture Series at the Hannans Club.


Joe Lord Core Library, corner Broadwood and Hunter Streets, West Kalgoorlie

1.00pm - 4.00pm Recent deep stratigraphic drilling around Kalgoorlie including several presentations, core viewing and discussions.
Core will be available for viewing from:

  • Kambalda stratigraphy - St Ives
  • Kambalda discovery hole - KD1
  • Black Swan nickel deposit
  • Brindabella Au-Ag prospect, near Nimbus
  • Lake Raeside impact structures.

The Joe Lord Core Library closes at 4.00 pm.

The Raglan Drilling Geology Lecture Series at Hannans Club, 44 Brookman Street, Kalgoorlie
5.30 pm for 6.00 pm start


  • Provenance fingerprinting of gold from the Kurnalpi Goldfield - Lena Hancock
  • A formal stratigraphy for the Eastern Goldfields - Stephen Wyche
  • Geochemical barcoding of Eastern Goldfields stratigraphy - Hugh Smithies

More information can be found here and please contact to register for this free event.