Raising concerns about workplace mental health

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How can I raise concerns about workplace mental health?

Process for raising a concern about workplace mental health
Process for raising a concern about workplace mental health

Identifying and reporting physical hazards in the workplace is a critical part of keeping your workplace safe. You can apply the same identification and reporting processes to psychosocial hazards.  If you identify psychosocial hazards and their associated risk factors in your workplace which may affect your health or the health of other workers, you can report it through your workplace’s health and safety reporting processes. This may include speaking to your supervisor, manager or safety and health representative.

For some people, talking to managers and supervisors is a new experience or may be challenging. These are some tips on how to approach management with a concern.

What happens next?

Once you have raised a concern about a work-related safety and health matter, your employer has an obligation to attempt to resolve it. Workplaces in Western Australia and their appropriate worker and employer representatives are encouraged to develop their own issue resolution procedures for dealing with safety and health issues. If this procedure exists for your workplace, it is important to use it to seek a resolution.

If your workplace does not have a formal resolution procedure, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety process can be used.

Note: A safety and health issue may include any item under the duty of care provisions of the safety and health legislation. Issues should be resolved as and when they arise.