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Minerals incidents and accidents

Mines safety reporting

After hours emergency contact
Ph: + 61 8 9358 8288

Mines safety reporting enquiries
Ph: + 61 8 9358 8002

Minerals - environmental incident notification and reporting

An Environmental and Reportable Incident/ Non-compliance Reporting Form (within 3 days) must be submitted to

Please attach reporting form and any relevant photos, maps or supporting documents and use the following naming convention in the email.

Subject line: Region, Project Code/name; tenure type and number

Petroleum incidents and accidents

Petroleum safety reporting

Incident reporting
Phone: +61 8 9358 8002 (office hours)
0439 964 143 (Contact 1st)
0437 972 947 (Contact 2nd)
0437 970 014 (Contact 3rd)

Incident reporting
Phone: + 61 437 973 672  – after office hours: 

Written notification

Well integrity incident reporting

Well Compliance Duty Officer
Phone: + 61 427 479 615

Petroleum - environmental incident notification and reporting

Reportable Incident Notification (within 2 hours)

The Duty Inspector is available 24 hours a day to take calls relating to oil spills and other reportable environmental incidents from petroleum and geothermal activities operating under State legislation.

Reportable Incident Reports  (within 3 days)

Recordable Incident Reports (Monthly)

Dangerous Goods incidents and accidents

General enquiries about incident reporting
Phone: + 61 8 9358 8002

Incident reporting for dangerous goods

Incident reporting for major hazard facilities
0437 973 672 (Contact 1st)
0437 972 947 (Contact 2nd)
0437 970 014 (Contact 3rd)